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Writing down concrete, measurable marketing strategies make it easier to analyze your results over time.

MBA 101: Marketing, B2B vs B2C Marketing

Fill out the below questionnaire to have our vendor partners contact you with free information. Now that you've got a plan for documenting your strategy, here are five areas you should focus on for a successful digital marketing campaign moving forward:.

The 21 Best Marketing Articles to Read for 2017

The importance of search engine optimization is no secret, but maintaining effective practices takes work. Google makes updates to its algorithms hundreds of times each year, and keeping your strategy up-to-date isn't exactly a cakewalk. Brands with customers who are heavy social media users benefit most from paid social media marketing. Utilizing sponsored posts allows your brand to reach people who might not follow your social media accounts but who are interested in products or services like yours. The audience for a post is targeted by demographic, which increases your ROI.

This can work well to introduce social media users to brands around their launches. This strategy helps when you're trying to distinguish your page from others with similar content. You can pay a premium to have your site results promoted on Google, Bing and Yahoo when users search for relevant keywords or to have an ad placement appear as a sponsored link on the main search results page.

For example, users searching "dentist in Denver" might see dozens of similar pages, but with a paid search strategy, a dentist could appear at the top of the list, receiving a higher click-through rate.

Keep local SEO in mind, along with keywords common in voice searches, to help propel your brand's content to the top of a voice search results queue. Voice searches are usually phrased as questions that fall into one of four categories: general information, personal assistant, local information and fun and entertainment.

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6 Quick Small Business Marketing Tips for - Digital Doughnut

Your site's content should be able to match a question a user asks as well as a string of words someone might type. If someone in Denver breaks a crown while at dinner, he might ask Alexa to "find an emergency dentist to fix a crown.

2. Not knowing your value proposition

First, conduct research about your audience to find out how and why they might purchase your products. Then, tailor your website and e-commerce experience to meet those needs. A CRO strategy can be as simple as placing an image of a person smiling next to your call to action or as complex as redesigning full portions of your website.

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Remember that your CRO strategy should be continuous, not a one-time thing. Nectar is launching a new app and website and refreshing its brand as it looks to offer a more personalised experience for users and boost engagement.

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