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After 20 casts, with no results, move to the next best run.

At this time of year, spend the brightest parts of the day working riffle water and edges with a dry-dropper rig. Match the local hatch in both regards with a dry-fly pattern and corresponding nymph. The biggest trout will eat cripple patterns in the film on the edges of runs. Follow the bubble lines.

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Really big trout give up bugs as the mainstay of their diets once they grow over 18 to 20 inches long. But some hatches still draw them out, and you want to at least give yourself a chance if that monster shows itself.

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Drop the fly in position A right away. When it quits, you quit.

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Tie on a mouse fly and wait till well after sunset. Go straight back to the target-rich run you fished at daybreak. Cast the mouse fly against the bank, and give it an erratic twitch-strip straight through the heart of the black water.

Kill the headlamp to avoid spooking that big predator, and work from memory. Any fish that whacks a mouse after the protein platter of the evening hatch is an absolute glutton. Evening Repeat the process, but slow everything down even more.

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If nothing you saw on Saturday gave you good reason for hope, get back on the Internet that night and search for another river. Make the move if you feel so inclined. Follow this same pattern from daybreak to after sundown, and remember that sometimes the biggest trout comes on your very last cast. How to Catch Monster Trout. Mark Shelton was in my shop today and I showed him this picture. We love that streamer pattern for lake browns!

A hearty thanks to our existing loyal customers for your continued support and business. For those new fly shop owners checking out our web site for the first time, give us a call. We're here to serve. As always, we continue to welcome your comments and ideas in order to serve your better. Remember, Solitude's mission is to provide you, our customer, with whatever you want, when you want it.

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And don't forget, we are still available for fishing trips. We supply the flies! You supply the lodging, food, Jack Daniels and beer! What a deal! Welcome to Solitude Fly, the smallest wholesale fly fishing company in the universe providing unequaled customer service and quality to over fly shops worldwide and two planets! Sign up. An implementation of Isolation forest. R Branch: master New pull request. Find File. Download ZIP. Sign in Sign up. Launching GitHub Desktop Go back. Launching Xcode We Cover the 2 Macro Capitals of the World, in addition to the the best locations for pristine reefs and large pelagics! Built with you in mind. Our flagship, 52 meter, steel-hulled, ex-merchent vessel, MV Solitude One.

Voyage on our unique itineraries of Palau and the Philippines in comfort and security. Tranquility on your doorstep. Perched by the water's edge, next to the vibrant tropical rainforest; discover Lembeh's famous critters while indulging in peaceful serenity inbetween. Diving Information. The Rooms Your Home Onboard. Cabin Information.